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Our Producers / Wine Families

Wine Families

Building tradition: our wine families

Many of our vineyard and wine businesses are starting to pass down through the generations, thriving on inter-generational cooperation and sharing of skills and ideas. Meet some of the wine families that are at the heart of this modern and innovative industry.

The Awty Family

Oatley Vineyard, Somerset

The Barnes Family

Biddenden Vineyards, Kent

Nick Wenman & Lucy Letley

Albury Organic Vineyard, Surrey

The Cowderoy Family

Rock Lodge & Bevtech, West Sussex

David & Donald Ealand

Chiltern Valley Vineyard, Oxfordshire

Owen & Fergus Elias

Balfour Winery, Kent

The Gladwin Family

Nutbourne Vineyards, West Sussex

The Goring Family

Wiston Estate, Sussex

The Haywood Family

Astley Vineyard, Worcestershire

The Howard Family

Giffords Hall Vineyard, Suffolk

The Lindo Family

Camel Valley Vineyard, Cornwall

Sam & Charlotte Linter

Bolney Wine Estate, Sussex

The Roberts Family

Ridgeview, Sussex

Ian & Rebecca Sargeant

Laurel Vines, Yorkshire

Tony Skuriat & Helenka Brown

Eglantine & Hanwell Vineyards, Notts

Penny & Adam Streeter

Mannings Heath, West Sussex

The Sutherland Family

Bluebell Vineyard, East Sussex

Martin & Clive Vickers

Halfpenny Green, Staffordshire