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Our Producers / Wine Families / Meet the producers: Albury Vineyard

Meet the Producers

Nick Wenman & Lucy Letley

Albury Organic Vineyard, Surrey

Nick Wenman planted the vineyard in 2009 having retired from the IT industry to fulfil his dream of owning a vineyard. Albury Vineyard is an organic and biodynamic vineyard situated near Guildford, Surrey, on the southern slopes of the North Downs. The vines are the traditional Champagne varieties and Albury is renowned for its top quality, award winning sparkling wines. The family-run vineyard includes daughter Lucy who runs Albury’s marketing, events and social media, and granddaughter Poppy a regular visitor (if only to visit the bee-hives and sneak a taste of the honey!)

NICK: Working with Lucy is great – I really enjoy being bossed around!! When I did the original business plan it was a 13 year return on investment but I’m now saying it’s “generational”. Luckily Lucy is fully committed to the business and my granddaughter Poppy says that when she grows up she wants to drive the tractor.

LUCY: Working alongside my Dad and seeing him fulfil his dream of owning a vineyard is inspiring, and I am reminded every day of his passion to do something you love. We are both very lucky to be able to call this work! I don’t have a sales background, so have learnt everything I know about selling wine from my Dad. He has also taught me the importance of diplomacy, patience, and following your dreams.

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