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Our Producers / Wine Families / Meet the producers: Astley Vineyard

Meet the Producers

Tim, Chris & Daisy Haywood

Astley Vineyard, Worcestershire

Tim and Beverley Haywood bought Astley Vineyard in Worcestershire in 2017 since when they have installed a purpose-built winery and tasting room. They have developed the business to welcome visitors for tours and tastings, introduced new branding and an online sales platform. It’s been a learning curve for them all, and very much a family affair, as son Chris and his wife Matleena live on site, with daughter Daisy living nearby.

Says Chris: “We are a close knit family, and we feel privileged that we have the opportunity to work and live so closely with each other. There’s no one we would rather share this with – most of the time, of course! There is a deep level of trust and understanding which means our decision making is quick and feels right. We are so proud and supportive of what each of us achieves. There are undoubtedly difficult moments from time to time, but we make sure that we take a step back from work, give each other some space, and enjoy each other’s company with a glass of wine as much as possible. We wouldn’t change a thing”.

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