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Our Producers / Wine Families / Meet the producers: Nutbourne Vineyards

Meet the Producers

The Gladwin Family

Nutbourne Vineyards, West Sussex

We have an integrated family business from Farm (and in our case Vineyard) to table; Livestock, Wine production and Restaurants. I think my 3 sons would tell you they have been working with their Dad all their lives. They were brought up at Nutbourne and know no other way than driving tractors, labouring in the vines, harvesting, bottling, labelling and countless other tasks.  They are very different characters and bring a variety of skills and contributions.

Gregory, the youngest, is a farmer through and through and provides the physical and technical side of land management alongside his “day job” of rearing heritage Sussex Beef, Lamb and Pigs.

Oliver, like me, is a chef- in charge of the kitchens at all our London Restaurants (still of course closed by the pandemic). He never misses the chance to join in the Nutbourne Harvest or the opportunity to cook for a vineyard tour group in our outdoor kitchen nestling among the vines.

Richard is the real wine enthusiast. He heads up the restaurant business but still never misses the chance of a wine blending session with Dad, or a family project where he will proudly tell everyone that he is in charge of the jokes!

Together they are a great team; highly supportive of me and Nutbourne and dedicated to our wine adventures.

Richard: “Working together is fun. My favourite times are when we get to do something particle on the vineyard and at the same time I’m able to ask for advice or we can make a plan for something relating to another business matter. My muscles dads Brain! What has Dad taught me? Everything! Even when we were little going on holiday we would learn our times tables or capitals of the world. School was tough for us so making it fun at home was the option. My inspiration is always to make something great and make sure it’s fair on everyone. This is something we have all learnt from him and a great skill to bring into business.”

Oliver: “My brothers and I are still working on Dad’s sense of work/life balance but at the moment it is still non existent. The one think he has taught us is a good work ethic. Now we need to teach him to slow down a bit and enjoy some of the things he has achieved”

Gregory: “Dad can be a bit of a pain about businesses and finance and that sort of thing, but when I get him out tree topping or building a shack we have a proper laugh”

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