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Our Producers / Wine Families / Meet the producers: Camel Valley Vineyard

Meet the Producers

Bob & Sam Lindo

Camel Valley Vineyard, Cornwall

Ex RAF pilot Bob and his wife Annie planted their first vines in 1989 and started winning medals as early as 1992. Now the second generation winemaker is hard at work at Camel Valley, when son Sam decided to make his life in Cornwall and in 2002 returned to the family farm where he had grown up. He has now taken over as Winemaker, with a little help from Dad now and again. Very much the chip off the old block as Sam continues to earn many awards for their wines and as winemaker.

Annie remains very much involved in the operation – there are very few vineyards in the world that have only ever been pruned by just one person and Annie Lindo is one of those select few. Annie’s vineyard is her pride and joy and every year for 28 years, she alone has pruned her own 5000 vines. To commemorate her 100,000th vine pruned, the millionth cut by hand with secateurs, and her 20th vintage, Sam, made this anniversary Cuvée.

What’s it like working together?

BOB: I love it actually. Sam is a like-minded, youthfully enthusiastic son with a great sense of humour and he’s a good mate.  I lacked a sounding board in my early wine-making days, a role I’m more than happy to fulfil now.  I’m very much aware that Sam already knows the answer to any question that he asks, but I’m happy to reassure, and even happier to taste!

SAM: We are very lucky we have great relationship both at work and when not at work.  Though most of the time we will be talking about wine or vineyards even when not at work.

What are you passing on to your children – was there anything you learnt from your father that you follow?

BOB: I like to think I’ve passed on the ‘importance of family life’ gene and a sense of perspective and balance.  Also, treat others as you would be treated and it’s about ‘reputation’ not ‘brand’.  Reputations you earn, history you live, but brands you can manufacture without history.

SAM: I think one of the things that has been passed on to me is work is where we spend most of our time and it is very important to make it an enjoyable place to be.  We have a lot of fun here and never take ourselves too seriously. We are both very supportive of what each other wants to do. I think this is because my dad has always been very supportive of me from the beginning.  It is great fun working with your children as I am now beginning to find out when my children come to work!

Annie Lindo in her vineyard
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