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WineGB Awards 2023 Trophy Winners / Awards 2023 Winners: Tuffon Hall

Meet the Trophy Winners 2023

Tuffon Hall

Halstead, Essex


Welcome to life on the vineyard. Since 2014, we’ve been producing award-winning wines from our farm here in East Anglia, farmland which our family has been working for over 100 years.

Tuffon Hall is at the heart of our family. Everyone plays their part, even our wines bear the names of our daughters Amelie, Beatrice and Charlotte.

We pride ourselves on bringing you quality wines, each a product of caring and crafting at every stage. We tend our vines and pick the grapes by hand.

The result is limited release wines of the highest standard – which keeps our ever-growing family of English wine lovers very happy.

Angus and Pod Crowther

Pinot Noir Rosé, Beatrice 2022

Best Still Rosé

Regional Winner, East

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