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Who We Are / Our Mission / Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

WineGB is committed to making the wine industry of England and Wales accessible to everyone.

Diversity & Inclusion Working Group

World events in 2020 created a laser focus on inequalities in society and the benefits of actively addressing diversity and inclusion. The wine industry across the globe has featured as one of many industries needing to change.

WineGB is committed to taking a proactive approach so that we can be a leading example of an inclusive industry, and expand our reach to prospective employees and to visitors and wine consumers in presently underrepresented groups.

A WineGB Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) working group was set up in late 2020 and comprises producer members and subject matter experts. The group is working on implementing a programme to enable the membership to learn and participate actively in D&I for their businesses and as part of the wider industry.

We are optimistic about the benefits that this can offer to our members. Not only is there a moral imperative but studies from Harvard University, McKinsey and others have shown that diverse companies are likely to become stronger businesses. We also see this as a significant opportunity to continue to grow the community of English and Welsh wine lovers.

Our Mission Statement

WineGB’s Diversity and Inclusion charter is a public commitment by management and the membership to promote and increase equality and inclusion within the English and Welsh wine industry. We aim to increase access to educational and employment opportunities across under-represented groups, and to be inclusive and welcoming to all sectors of society interested in wine.

Our Goals

  1. To introduce organisational accountability for D&I within WineGB
  2. To be inclusive and welcoming to all visitors and consumers
  3. To inform, encourage and facilitate individuals from all backgrounds to enter the industry

Working Group

Phoebe French, WineGB
Kristina Studzinski, Off The Line Vineyard
Tamara Roberts, Ridgeview
Elisha Rai, Folc
Tommy Grimshaw, Emerging Vines
Filippa Ross, Combe Hay Vineyard