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Missing Gate Vineyard

‘Where’s the bloody gate gone now..?’ The cry came up a while ago. Not for the first time either. You see we had a really lovely gate that led into our beautiful vineyard but then, one morning we went out to tend the vines only to discover that it had, well, gone. A missing gate? Have you ever heard the like? It was duly replaced with another equally lovely gate only for that one to disappear too. Strange times indeed. Now you could look at this two ways and we decided to be calm and embrace the openness and freedom the missing gate now represented. One happy consequence of the incidents though was that it gave our Charlie the inspiration to declare that it was the perfect name for our wonderful wines. So what we lost those days, we’ve more than made up for. Anyway, there’s a new gate now, third time lucky.

Address Woodham Lodge, Lodge Road, Chelmsford, Essex, CM3 4HG
Call 07990650926


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