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Easing Hill Vineyard

Easing Hill Vineyard is situated on a south-facing escarpment overlooking the River Teme. The steep, bowl-shaped hillside catches the best of the sunshine but is sheltered from the strong winds from the west. The hillside has a long history of vine growing by the Romans and by Monks in the medieval times. The original vineyard was planted in 2006 by the owners Tim and Judith Davies as a hobby but in 2018 the vineyard was extended and is now the beginning of a new commercial enterprise to keep the owners busy into their retirement.

We are a sustainable vineyard priding ourselves of producing beautiful Sparkling wine made using our own grapes which are completely unsprayed with herbicides, pesticides and fungicides. The grape vines are lovingly tended by hand, we do not use heavy farm yard machinery  which compacts the ground but instead  prune and pick by hand . Our machines  which are mostly battery powered and here at Easing Hill energy they use is produced by our estate solar energy.   We have a low carbon footprint and our wines is produced by the local  Three Choirs Vineyard.  Our wine is suitable for vegans and vegetarians as no animal products are use in the production process.

Wild flowers and wildlife are respected and encouraged in our beautiful vineyard.

The original vines are supported in the "Goblet" style, while the new plantation is trellised traditionally. The grapes are Seyval Blanc, Phoenix, and Regent, and all are harvested by hand.

Fabulous views of the Malvern Hills and the Teme Valley can be had from the small orchard at the top of the hill. Visitors are welcome to tour the vineyard, but are advised that some of the land is very steep! Wine can be sampled and bought on site, but the owners ask that you phone ahead to do so.

Address Chapel House, Easinghope Lane, Broadwas, Worcestershire, WR6 5PA
Call 07525 379 178
Sustainable Vinegrower


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