Wines of Great Britain (WineGB) announces a new campaign to communicate and differentiate the qualities of their Classic Method Sparkling Wines, with a program of education, content and promotion for the trade.

Wines produced using the traditional method in England and Wales will now be referred to as Classic Method, and the long-term aim is to ensure that all of Great Britain’s sparkling wines must include method of production on the label.

The Great British Classic Method program comprises:
• WineGB’s first integrated sampling campaign for press;
• virtual masterclasses;
• social media content,
• the introduction of a Classic Method Hallmark to designate PDO English and Welsh Sparkling wines made by the classic method.

The varied aspects of the campaign are designed to illuminate the elements of origin and craft that give rise to the distinctive identity of English and Welsh classic method sparkling wine.

The WineGB marketing team has worked with Sarah Abbott MW at Swirl, and with branding agency The Collaborators, to create a flexible toolkit of activity and assets that allow producers and stakeholders to benefit from the program with flexibility and evolution.

The campaign comes at a time of great excitement but also transition for WineGB as vineyard area, sales and diversity of wine style are greatly expanding.

The classic method sparkling wines of England and Wales are the flagship of wine production in the UK, representing an estimated two thirds of sales by volume on the domestic market, according to latest figures. Their high quality, nuance and distinctive personality are well established in the UK, and increasingly in major export markets for top quality sparkling wine, such as the USA, Scandinavia and Japan.

One objective of the campaign is to show how the individual winemakers of England and Wales are wielding the “classic method” to express aspects of their unique, nervy, cool-climate terroir.

Another objective is to promote the Classic Method Hallmark as a visual cue whose meaning and usage can grow and evolve with the category to differentiate English and Welsh PDO wines made using the time and craft-intensive classic method.

WineGB’s Chairman, Simon Robinson said: “We have long recognised the need to positively differentiate and protect our flagship category – wines produced from the classic method. This is the hero style that has put Great Britain on the wine map and led us to more extraordinarily exciting developments in our industry. We now boast a broad range of diverse and high-quality wines in all styles. Our sparkling wines however remain at the forefront of our industry and are driving sales both here and overseas. This campaign has set us on the path to ensure that our classic method wines are more positively recognized among the finest wine regions of the world.”

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To download the Hallmark for media use please click here

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Madeleine Waters 07778 702221
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Notes to editors
The Hallmark can only be used for wines produced exclusively from grapes grown in Great Britain using the Classic Method. The key objectives in creating the Hallmark are:

  • To convey the highest level of craft and quality
  • To visually communicate the meaning behind Great British Classic Method wines
  •  To ensure the Hallmark design exudes understated, aspirational British luxury – ensure everyone across the distribution chain is happy to adopt it
  • To ensure ease of use across different touch-points, at different scales, digitally, in print and 3D

Wines of Great Britain (WineGB) is the national association for the English and Welsh wine industry. WineGB’s mission is to advance the interests of all of our members by establishing Great Britain as a sustainable wine region of world renown, recognised and celebrated for the quality of its wines and visitor experiences.