WineGB today releases its 2023 industry report, with latest data based on its own survey of producers plus figures supplied by Wine Standards.

The key findings show:

  • Plantings continue to grow – there are now just under 4,000ha under vine, with forecasts predicting an increase to 7,600ha by 2032*
  • In terms of production, the mid-range prediction is that production will reach 25 to 29 million bottles by 2032
  • Wine remains one of the fastest-growing agricultural sectors in Britain today
  • In 2022, total production was 12.2 million bottles*, of which 68% is sparkling and 32% still
  • Sales channels and distribution in 2022:
    • On trade has increased – 22% (from 14%)
    • Exports up from 4% to 7%
    • Off trade up to 41% (31% national accounts and 10% independent retail) from 25% last year
    • DTC now 30% from 57% – this reflects post pandemic sales returning to hospitality and retail. Tourism overall however has shown increases – see below
  • Wine tourism is buoyant and shows positive growth trajectory; income is up – now averages 24% of total revenue (which includes all sales, tours and other onsite activity). Visitor numbers are up 17% on 2021 (based on WineGB’s Tourism survey)
  • Employment now estimated at 2,300 full-time equivalents (FTEs) employed with a further 8,300 people used in part time / seasonal work. 50% growth rate in FTE positions is forecast by 2025

The report is based on the most robust set of data ever, with just over 90% of all production covered by the survey respondents.

Ongoing industry growth is reflected in the forecasts in plantings, production and employment numbers.

Ned Awty, Interim WineGB CEO says: “We are used to seeing rapid growth of plantings and production and this year is no different, with plantings up 74% in five years and a production of 12.2mn bottles, almost a record!

“Thanks to an overwhelming response to our membership survey, we now have our most comprehensive data set ever for wine production in the UK. The data gives us new insights into the ever-increasing importance of wine tourism, the scale and diversity of employment in our sector and an in-depth view of sales channels from the largest to smallest producers.

“This data marks a coming of age for our organisation and with it we can make better decisions to enhance and grow wine production and sales in Britain and beyond. We can also demonstrate the positive impact we have on economies and the environment at a local and national scale.”

Chair of WineGB, Sam Linter, said: “These truly are exciting times for English and Welsh wine. Our latest report is from the most robust data yet and we are pleased to have this access. It not only sets out where we are today but looks ahead to the next ten years in terms of production and the many opportunities. We have become an internationally acclaimed wine growing region of the highest quality.”

The industry report is available on the Industry & Statistics Insights page

* data supplied by Wine Standards, 2023