Three Choirs Vineyards, one of England’s leading and longest established wine estates, is releasing a limited edition, 2017 vintage “FIRST RELEASE” still white wine on 1st December 2017.

With early indications of a high-quality harvest from the UK, as well as ongoing increase in plantings to bring long term growth for the industry, Three Choirs were inspired to announce a First Release, following a fantastic 2017 vintage at the Gloucestershire wine estate.

The last time that the vineyard produced a new release was back in 2011.  “At that time, it was a tongue in cheek link to Beaujolais Nouveau Day,” says Martin Fowke, Winemaking Director at Three Choirs.  “Now seems to be entirely the right time to set our own date and show that we can stand on our own two feet.

“We could also argue that England could be the only success story in the world of wine in 2017!  It has been a very challenging year with difficult harvests for so many wine regions. I’m delighted to report that here at Three Choirs we have had one of our largest and highest quality vintages ever.”

The vineyard is also using this limited release wine to help raise money for charity.

“We are making just 2017 bottles, and numbering each bottle.  We are offering a 6-bottle case of the wine to several charities, a number of them local to Three Choirs, to give them the opportunity to raffle or auction in order to raise funds.  Key numbers relating to key dates may add to the appeal, subject to availability of course,” adds Martin.

A competition to win a case of the wine will also be running at the vineyard.  The winner will be the entrant who puts together the most interesting set of 6 numbers between 1 and 2017*. The winner will also be able to nominate a charity to receive a second case for fundraising purposes.  Details on how to enter are now available on

Three Choirs First Release 2017 will be available from the vineyard shop from 8.00am on Friday 1st December.  The wine will retail at £10 per bottle, with 25p from every bottle sold from the vineyard donated to the drinks industry’s own charity, The Benevolent.


For more information, including interviews and a bottle shot, please contact Martin Fowke on 07778 476567 or email: or Kevin Shayle at Three Choirs on tel: 01531 890555 or email

Other outlets will be selling the wine – please contact Martin or Kevin for further details.

* As far as an example, bottles for “Three Choirs” could include number 3 for Three Choirs, 75 for the number of acres they have, 1973 when the first vines were planted, 1976 for their first commercial vintage.