BevTech Ltd, a WineGB Patron, has launched a new mobile crossflow filtration service for UK wineries.  The Padovan Nitor 60 unit is capable of filtering up to 80,000 litres per day, and for smaller wineries it can be adjusted to handle batches of just 1,000 litres.

“The latest technology is highly efficient using membrane filtration which ensures minimal impact on the organoleptic profile and quality of the wine.  Wine and juice with turbity up to 600 NTU can be filtered to sterility in one pass, simplifying and accelerating production.  Labour costs are reduced as the system can be automated and wine loss during filtration is minimal.” Explained David Cowderoy, Managing Director, BevTech Ltd.

BevTech has provided a mobile bottling service to UK wineries for over five years, filling millions of bottles of still and sparkling, for many satisfied customers.  Crossflow filtration is a new addition to the mobile contract services, which will be expanded again next year to include a second bottling line, and the launch of a new cold stabilisation service.

To find out more contact David or Alison on 01444 411141 | 07400 208 205 or