WineGB is delighted to announce new appointments to the WineGB Board of Directors:

Ruth Simpson is appointed as a Group B Director, one of three representing the larger producers (over 15ha), replacing Sam Linter who is now Chair. Ruth is from a well-known Scottish whisky family and prior to her 20 years in the wine industry, worked in international aid and development. Ruth is co-founder and -owner of Simpsons Wine Estate in Kent. Ruth and her husband Charles are also owners of and winemakers at Domain de Sainte Rose in Languedoc. They are actively involved in Wine Garden of England the tourism-focussed cluster of Kent vineyards. “I’m really delighted to be joining the board and see it as a real opportunity to help shape the future of the industry,” comments Ruth.

Wendy Outhwaite is a co-founder of Ambriel, having planted vineyards in 2008. After 25 years as a barrister, frequently working with Government departments, she now produces English sparkling wine in West Sussex. She is hands on and hands in. Prior to joining the board, she served on WineGB’s Export Committee. Wendy comments: “In the most exciting wine region in the world, I’m honoured to be able to contribute. So much has been achieved. So much more is yet to come. Together let’s delight the world with our delectable wines.”

These two recent additions to the Board follow two other appointments in August of Guy Smith and Ned Awty. Guy is co-founder and owner of Somerset sparkling producers Smith & Evans as well as actively involved in the UK wine trade through importers and distributors Frederick’s Wine Co. He takes over as Regional Director. Ned, a Group A Director (grower/producers below 15ha) is now working with his family’s vineyard Oatley, also in Somerset, as well as being a brand marketing strategy consultant after a 20-year career in a global FTSE100 company.

These Board appointments bring additional skills in strategy, trade development, lobbying Government and developing wine tourism capabilities.

“We are delighted to welcome our new Directors to the WineGB Board,” comments Sam Linter, Chair of WineGB. “Ruth, Wendy, Guy and Ned bring a wealth of expertise from within and outside the wine industry. Our Board represents a phenomenal range of expertise and experience to support our members and help move our association and the industry into its next phase. We are also moving towards greater Board diversity. Whilst these changes are important, it is also crucial the board continues to work towards a greater inclusivity and engagement with our members.”

The full WineGB Board of Directors can be viewed here