Producer of English still wines is shortlisted for the Naked Wines’ Winemaker of the Year award

Kieron Atkinson, a winemaker and vineyard tenant in Derbyshire, has become the first producer of English still wines to be shortlisted for the Winemaker of the Year award, hosted by Naked Wines.

Presented annually to celebrate winemakers who go the extra mile, as determined by customer vote, the award acknowledges winemakers and vineyards from all the major wine regions of the world and includes some of the most renowned winemakers on the planet.

Kieron’s wine is produced in Derby, a city in the heart of England and not always a place people imagine award -wines to be made. His still red Mills & Hills Pinot Noir and still white Mills & Hills Bacchus wines have both been noted for their quality and received rave reviews from the Naked Wines customers.

Kieron says, “It is incredibly exciting to be nominated for the award, as an independent winemaker I am just so pleased that English wine – in particular still wines – are getting recognition for their outstanding qualities.”

The awards by Naked Wines have been in place for over a decade and 330,000 Naked Wines customers are invited to vote to crown the winning winemaker who will receive funding to make the wine they have always wanted to make. The results will be announced at the end of January 2024.

Kieron continues, “Naked Wines creates a fantastic community, joining people with a passion for excellent wines and raising the profile of artisan winemakers. The doors are always open at the winery or vineyard for people to come and experience the wines and their production”.