Urban winery collaborates with US indie-rock musician, Wild Nothing, launching a limited-release wine named for the new single, ‘Headlights On.’

London-based independent wine producer, Blackbook Winery, has teamed up with US based musician, Jack Tatum of Wild Nothing and NYC based record label Captured Tracks to create a special limited-edition wine for the recently released single ‘Headlights On’ from the much anticipated album ‘Hold.’

The limited sparkling wine is made from the Seyval Blanc grapes grown at Yew Tree Vineyard in Oxfordshire during the 2019 vintage. This traditional method sparkling wine is aged for four years on lees, adding to its texture and complexity. The specially designed label draws influence from the album artwork and video for ‘Headlights On.’

Blackbook’s passion for music can be seen throughout its experimental range, drawing influence from various music genres and artists for the names of their wines. ‘Headlights On’ showcases the synergies between music and wine, expressing the vibrancy and energy of both It offers depth and complexity that enhances the aromas of elderflower, citrus, grapefruit, pineapple, and white pepper.

Tatum, on the collaboration, said, “I’m really thrilled to be partnering with Blackbook for these limited run bottles inspired by my new album ‘Hold’. Sergio is so passionate about what he does and when this partnership fell in my lap it felt like such a special opportunity to bring people in on something else that I love. We landed on a Sparkling Seyval Blanc from Blackbook, not only because they showcase what these guys do so well, but because they’re also exactly the kind of crisp, dry wines I’d reach for myself when out at dinner or having a few friends over. Ian Miller, who designed the “Hold” album art, also designed these labels and we had a blast tying them into the larger visual world of the record.”

Sergio Verrillo, co-founder and winemaker, comments, “The wine we have chosen is based on a sparkling wine in the Blackbook range but has been tweaked to be something completely unique and complementary to Wild Nothing and the single, “Headlights On.” The wine reflects the vibrancy, energy, and beauty of “Headlights On,” capturing its softness and subtleties. It’s been a fantastic journey and a privilege to create this wine in collaboration with Wild Nothing and the team at Captured Tracks.”

Blackbook has presented this in a lovely album bundle with a limited edition LP featuring a milky clear and black split vinyl. Limited to just 120 bottles. Wine and wine/album bundles can be purchased exclusively via the Blackbook Website.

In conjunction with this release, Tatum has also announced an exclusive US collaboration with Osmote Wines, a natural winery located in NY’s Finger Lakes terroir, who will release a special “Suburban Solutions” Riesling.