Everything happens for a Riesling

● In celebration of English Wine Week, Airbnb and WineGB collaborate to curate a series of Vineyard wishlists
● From The Vine House in Norfolk to a Cosy Barn with a vineyard view in Hertfordshire, guests can use the new Vineyard category to discover their next vineyard adventure
● The typical Host in the new Vineyard Category in the UK earned more than £9,200 last year. Prospective Vineyard Hosts can learn about how much they could earn through the What’s My Place Worth tool

8th June 2022: As the countdown to English Wine Week (18th-26th June) begins, Airbnb has launched a new Vineyard Category on the platform – with approximately 120,000 homes and counting – so guests and wine connoisseurs alike can easily discover their next vineyard adventure on Airbnb.

In celebration of English Wine Week and the new Vineyard Category, Airbnb and WineGB have collaborated to curate a series of wishlists of Airbnbs on Vineyards in the UK and further afield, alongside wine and vineyard Experiences.

From an experiential stay at The Vine House on the Chet Valley Vineyard followed by a Vineyard tour and wine tasting Experience, to a getaway at the Cosy Barn with a vineyard view in Hertfordshire, guests can use the new Vineyard Category on Airbnb to discover everything that wine tourism has to offer in the UK.

Last year, Hosts included in the Vineyard Category in the UK collectively earned almost £35m – with the typical Vineyard Category Host in the UK earning more than £9,200 in 2021.

Unique listings on Airbnb, such as vineyards, historical homes and treehouses, gained popularity during the pandemic. In the UK alone, unique travel experiences are increasingly appealing to guests, with nights booked in the first quarter of 2022 for summer travel to unique homes growing by 120% compared to 2019.

Amanda Cupples, General Manager for Northern Europe at Airbnb, said: “People are yearning for new experiences and adventure – whether that’s on their doorstep or further afield. A new world of travel has emerged and travellers are looking for destinations, both familiar and undiscovered, where they can stay for longer and immerse themselves in local life by living and working.

“Our collaboration with WineGB has come at a perfect time, celebrating English Wine Week with the launch of the new Vineyard Category on Airbnb. From vineyards to windmills, incredible and unique spaces on Airbnb are providing guests with inspirational, memorable and experiential stays, everyday.”

Simon Thorpe MW, WineGB’s CEO, said: “Working with Airbnb could not come at a better time for wine tourism in the UK as wine lovers are buying English and Welsh wine and want to find more. Producers up and down the country are welcoming visitors and offering a range of exciting experiences from the cellar door to beautiful accommodation.

“Airbnb offers so many different options to stay either on or near vineyards, many of which are located in some of the most beautiful parts of the country. We couldn’t be more delighted that there is now a Vineyard Category which will open up many more opportunities to discover some of Britain’s wine gems.”

Nick, Co-Host of Avalon Lodge on Oastbrook Vineyard and Member of WineGB, said: “Oastbrook is a member of WineGB, and hosting through Airbnb allows us to fully embrace the opportunities offered by English Wine tourism by providing our guests with a truly experiential stay. Guests can book their vineyard stay and experience on the same app with a platform they are already comfortable with. This offers us a greater number of guests than we would achieve through direct marketing.”

Prospective Hosts and vineyard Hosts in the UK can learn more about how much they could earn by sharing their space on Airbnb through the What’s My Place Worth tool. The interactive tool computes the estimated income based on geography, type of listing, and also uses prior Airbnb booking data in the area. For more information, visit Airbnb.com/host.

To inspire travellers for their next vineyard adventure, a wishlist of Airbnb Homes on and nearby vineyards in the UK can be found here and further afield here, while wine and vineyard Experience can be found here.

Vineyards on Airbnb in the UK

Vine Cottage – The Sugar Loaf Vineyards – Monmouthshire, Wales

Avalon Lodge – Oastbrook Estate Vineyard – Robertsbridge, East Sussex

Vineyard Eco Cabin – Valley Farms Vineyard – Wissett, Suffolk

Private House at Cornish Winery – Knightor Winery – Trethurgy, Cornwall