From 10 to 12 May, Women in Wine Expo will kick-off in London, one of the biggest wine hubs in the world. Women wine professionals from East and West will share their stories and exchange best practices so we can learn from each other. The kick-off will be at an original London pub, St. Barts, and next day will include a visit to a UK winery in Kent to learn everything about English sparkling wines during a masterclass. The Women In Wine Expo will be closed with a conference about wine education, urban wineries (and tourism), and the structure of wine trade.

The Women in Wine Expo was established as a truly gender-related platform, the main purpose of which is to promote women in the wine industry, improve wine education for women, and create awareness about gender equality throughout the industry. Continuing the success of the inaugural Women in Wine Expo in 2019 in Rotterdam & Brussels, followed by the world-class edition in 2022 in Georgia, this year’s event will continue to shine the spotlight on the elegance and diversity of women winemakers from all over the world.

Event details

Date/Time: 10th May, 2023 — 12th May, 2023


Location: London & Kent