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The aims of this intensive and technical three-day course are to provide a good level of knowledge and skills in traditional method sparkling winemaking to those who are making and selling sparkling wine.

Topics include:

Day one: Introduces the winemaking theory relating to the key winery operations: tirage, secondary fermentation, disgorging and dosage.

  • Tirage and secondary fermentation
  • Maturation and lees aging
  • Riddling and disgorging
  • Dosage

Day 2 (Practical): Focuses on the start of the secondary fermentation in greater detail, and will involve practical activity related to tirage, including the preparation of cultures and adjuvants.

  • Yeast culture preparation
  • Use of adjuvants
  • The bottling process

Day 3 (Practical): Will complete the range of operations specific to sparkling wine with practicals and demonstrations associated with disgorging and dosage.

  • Preparing liquer d’expedition
  • Dosage trials
  • Riddling – use of gyropalletes and pupitres
  • Disgorging process

The course ends with a 15-minute multiple-choice exam

The theory day of this course can be completed separately as a standalone course.

8th – 10th April 2024

09:15 – 16:15

Plumpton College campus

Event details

Date/Time: 8th April, 2024 — 10th April, 2024
Cost: £495
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Location: Plumpton College campus