Would you like to learn more about how wine is made?

The aims of this Plumpton College course are to provide a good level of knowledge and understanding of winemaking (oenology) to those who wish to start making wine, work in a winery, enter the wine trade, or have a strong interest in the world of wine.

During the course, winemaking theory is introduced in the morning classroom session, then put into practice during the afternoon session in the winery. Topics include:

  • Harvest preparation
  • Grape processing
  • Must amelioration
  • Alcoholic fermentation
  • Red wine production
  • Wine clarification
  • Wine stability and packaging
  • Sparkling wine production

The course ends with a 30-minute multiple-choice test.

The theory sessions for this course will delivered in the mornings at Plumpton College Wine Centre classrooms, and the practical session in the afternoons at Plumpton College Winery.

Event details

Date/Time: 4th September, 2023 9:15am — 8th September, 2023 5:00pm
Cost: £750


Location: Plumpton College Wine Centre
Website: https://www.plumpton.ac.uk/courses/wine-division/