Vagabond is launching a brand new concept in Gatwick Airport on Monday the 19th June, the start of English Wine Week – South Downs, an English sparkling wine bar.

South Downs is a premium sparkling wine bar in the heart of the South Terminal departure lounge and is a unique offering for Gatwick passengers, celebrating English sparkling wine. It will also offer a cocktail menu developed by Max Benning, owner of Three Sheets – one of the world’s top 50 bars.

Named after the area spanning Sussex and Kent, where some of the best vineyards and wineries are based, the bars primary focus will be heroing English wine, but they
will also be championing the beers, ciders and spirits of Southeast England. Non-British drinks like Champagne and Prosecco will also be available.

The bar will also serve a range of meals and snacks, with the menu inspired by the great wine-producing regions across the world, but featuring many locally-sourced ingredients.

Event details

Date/Time: 19th June, 2023


Location: Gatwick Airport