This workshop, delivered by Vinescapes, will cover the principles of canopy and fruit zone management to achieve optimum vine balance – practices that make economic sense as they are key for grape quality and yield.

The workshop will focus on how to achieve an ideal vine canopy, including assessment of the canopy and evaluation of the timing and operation of different canopy management techniques. These include bud rubbing, shoot selection, crown clearing, shoot positioning, trimming and leaf removal with the aim to optimise canopy performance – for fruit and wine quality, crop yield and disease management.

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Level: Beginner to intermediate

Event details

Date/Time: 18th May, 2023 9:30am – 4:00 pm
Cost: 165.00 + VAT full price, £145 + VAT discounted rate for WineGB members and students


Location: Tanhurst Estate Vineyard, Surrey