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A celebration of emerging talent….

We are delighted to announce the inaugural WineGB Rising Stars awards and a return of the Vintners’ UK Wine Apprentice Award, taking place at Vintners’ Hall on Wednesday 31st January.

There is nothing like recognition to motivate and inspire future generations. We are asking you to nominate members of your team that demonstrate unwavering dedication, a commitment to improvement, and an exemplary work ethic, combined with impressive expertise in their field. A “Rising Star” who turns up, rolls up their sleeves and makes things happen, even when the going gets tough.

We are also thrilled to announce the return of the Vintners’ UK Wine Apprentice Award – the purpose of which is to enable an aspiring winemaker in a UK winery to learn more about winemaking. The winner will have the opportunity to undertake the Principles of Wine Growing and the Principles of Winemaking courses at Plumpton College in Sussex over a two-year period. They will also be given the opportunity to study for a WSET qualification at an appropriate level. The award has a total value of £3,000 and the education available to the winner can be flexible and tailored to the needs of the individual.

Whether nominating someone for a Rising Star award, or applying for the Apprentice Award, all applicants should be under the age of 30, and be ready to commit to a long-term career in the wine industry.

Nominations for the Vintners’ UK Wine Apprentice have been extended to Friday 12th January. The Rising Stars Awards has the same deadline (Friday 12th January).

The categories for the Rising Star awards are:

Viticulture – this one is dedicated to the proficient pruners, the soil scientists, the canopy controllers and the botrytis banishers. We are looking for those enthusiastic next-generation leaders who bring symbiotic balance to your vines and your business. Never without their trusty pair of snippers, they will fight frost, disease, and drought to protect your vineyard.

We want to hear about all their achievements and ambitions, and how this individual has had a positive impact on your vineyard management.

Winemaking – this category should be self-explanatory! We are looking for the boundary pushers and innovators. The fermentation fanatics, the tirage titans, the malo medics, tannin taskmasters, and the barrel bewitchers. Applicants for this category will know their Chardonnay close 76 from their 809, their Coquard from their Willmes, and their DIAMs from their VINCs.

We want to know who is breaking the mould and creating stratospheric new blends that will catapult our industry into new and unchartered territory.

Sustainability – Not all eco-warriors wear capes, but we think they should! In this category we are looking for the guiding light in sustainable business practices – whether in the vineyard, winery, or in the office, this person gas green coursing through their veins.

We want to hear about workplace initiatives, company targets, or carbon-cutting practices that this person has developed to help you achieve your sustainability goals.

Export – Skål! Prost! Kanpai! It’s not just another stamp in the passport, this person is passionate about bringing English and Welsh wines to the international stage. Breaking into new markets is no mean feat, and we are looking for the individuals who have knocked on doors, broken down trade barriers, endured 180hour days at trade shows – all in the name of seeing British Wines on the global stage.

A true ambassador if international trade relations, education and growth.

Tourism – as our industry expands, we are diversifying, creating award-winning visitor experiences for the would-be wine traveller. Contenders for this category might work in your shop, conduct wine tasting and tours, manage your on-site accommodation, wait tables in your café or run the pass in your restaurant.  

Do you have a cellar door champion in your ranks? Have you got a tour guide that knows just how to put your guests at ease? We want to know who has helped put your vineyard on the map. 

Sales and Marketing – there’s more to marketing than the seven Ps – product, pricing, place, people, packaging, process and promotion and we understand that many of you, as small businesses, will have a combined sales and marketing function. We want to celebrate your social media stars, website wizards and PR pros. Your successful salespeople and brilliant brand ambassadors that go that extra mile to get you a new listing or another customer.

Tell us about a staff member that has increased website traffic and/or boosted sales, whether by creative or commercial means, or both! 

To nominate your Rising Star, select below:

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Or, to apply for the Vintners’ UK Wine Apprentice Award:

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We look forward to seeing you on 31st January!