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WineGB’s Coronation Pledges

White Castle Vineyard


Sharing the passion for Welsh wine with the world

White Castle Vineyard is family owned with the first vines planted by Robb & Nicola Merchant in 2009, with Nicola having had a dream for 12 years it finally became a reality. It has seen steady expansion over the past 13 years. White Castle is Wales’ only vineyard to win a Gold award at the Decanter World Wine Awards with a red wine. This award underpins everything we strive to achieve in producing quality Welsh wine ‘Crafting Welsh wines with care and sustainability, sharing our passion with the world’.

White Castle Vineyard is to continue producing high quality Welsh wines that are a true reflection of our unique terroir, while implementing sustainable viticulture practices that promote the health of the land and community. There are plans for further expansion these include further planting of vines. Robb and Nicola are planning to establish a winery at White Castle Vineyard, the first conventional winery in Wales. This will enhance and complete their ethos of being a wine producer in Wales. Having a winery on site will enable us to hand harvest all estate grown grapes and process the wine in Wales, these are crucial elements in provenance and integrity. Grapes grown and wines produced in Wales.

White Castle’s Pledge

White Castle strives to create a welcoming and memorable experience for visitors to the vineyard, where they can learn about the art and science of viticulture & winemaking, connect with nature, and enjoy the fruits of our labour. They are committed to building strong relationships with their customers, suppliers, and partners, and to contribute to the local and national wine industry. The goal is to share our passion for Welsh wine with the world, and to be a source of pride for the community and country.

White Castle Vineyard

Llanvetherine, Abergavenny NP7 8RA