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WineGB’s Coronation Pledges

Wine Business Advisors

WineGB Silver Patron

Wine, Tourism, Hospitality & Retail business strategy

Founded in 2016, Wine Business Advisors are blue-sky thinkers challenging wine businesses around the world to think out-of-the-box. WBA specialises in green-field new wine business strategy, winery turn-around projects, sustainability projects, mergers, acquisitions and anything wine business related.

With deep experience in sustainable strategies from around the world, WBA pledges to bring global best practice to the UK wine business experience. From sustainable viticulture, best-in-class packaging practices, moisture usage efficiency and intelligent energy strategies amongst others.

WBA’s Pledge

WBA has already commenced implementation and has the ability to introduce and scale a global best-practice sustainability template in the UK wine producing community – with an eye on commercial realities.

Wine Business Advisors