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Velfrey Vineyard


Measures to minimise external inputs

Velfrey is a family-owned and run vineyard, established in 2016. We currently have one hectare of land and just over 4000 vines.

Velfrey’s Pledge

Our pledge is to continue to focus on respect for our environment and minimising external inputs while keeping our plants healthy and productive.

To this end, we are introducing tisanes, which we make from willow, nettles and comfrey harvested from within the site, and sprayed onto the leaves and fruit to prevent disease and feed the vines.

We will brew our own compost tea using seaweed extract and molasses with aeration, creating a liquid rich in minerals and beneficial microbes which we use as a probiotic drench. We will quite literally spoon-feed minerals to each individual vine, ensuring they are targetted with just what they need to replenish what is removed at harvest, thereby avoiding excess leading to leaching into watercourses.

When products have to be brought in, we will try as far as possible, to use those which have the least environmental impact (like seaweed concentrate, orange peel extract, foliar feeds, and probiotic preparations).

We will make full use of rechargeable battery tools and renewable energy sources from our own array of solar panels, as well as using an EV for local deliveries.

We will plant native species of trees including willow, mountain ash, oak and alder while delaying mowing in our meadow until after flowering has taken place.

By taking all these steps, and more, we are setting out to minimise our impact on the environment without compromising plant health and wine quality.

Velfrey Vineyard

Plas y Coed Velfrey Road SA34 0RA