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Trevibban Mill Vineyard


New vineyard planting and reusing glass bottles

Trevibban Mill is a family owned 25 acre estate close to Padstow, North Cornwall, the majority of which is in Soil Association Certification and is farmed using regenerative agriculture principals.

The 3ha vineyard was planted in 2008 followed by 3ha apple trees. In 2014 we built a Winery and two bars/restaurant on site. We opened to the public in 2015.

We wish to commit to the pledge to confirm our desire for a more sustainable farming future in the UK.

Trevibban Mill’s Pledge

Trevibban Mill pledge to plant 1000 more vines in Spring 2023 in an acre previously used for wildflowers and sunflowers. The chosen variety is Sauvignac, a new PIWI variety which has disease resistance to mildews. We will underplant with clover and birdsfoot trefoil and put this new 1 acre into Organic conversion.

Trevibban Mill is also undertaking a project to re-use wine bottles from our bars and restaurant to reduce our carbon footprint due to manufacture, recycling and transporting of glass bottles.

Trevibban Mill Vineyard

Padstow PL27 7SE