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WineGB’s Coronation Pledges

Tillingham Vineyard

East Sussex

Avenue of trees

Tillingham Winery and Estate is owned by Terence, Viscount Devenport. As a personal pledge he will be creating a 5 kilometres long wild-life corridor on his land along the A696 of trees native to the County of Northumberland to celebrate King Charles III lifelong commitment to trees and the environment which he and his family share. Sine 1972 Lord Devenport been involved in farming and forestry in three regions of England.

The planting will include Aspens, Alder, Birch, Rowan, Scots Pine while establishing bird cherry, Holy and Hawthorn with shelter species Sycamore and Sitka to nurse the Sequoias up and create a variety of habitats show height and growth rates of each.

Within will be a line of Sequoia gigantea which will with age come to dominate in 73 years (King Charles’ age this year) creating a Great Avenue without compare.

The linear planting creates from the start a sense of Avenue intersected with open species in front of each farmstead, with views out to the surrounding landscape, where square stock shelter blocks will be located.

The Sequoia species was chosen because it was native here 60 million years ago. It provided wealth through coal over 7 centuries to the Nation. More importantly now each Sequoia in its life offsets a individuals’ lifetime carbon!

Tillingham Vineyard

Dew Farm, Dew Lane, Peasmarsh, Rye TN31 6XD