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WineGB’s Coronation Pledges

The Dell Vineyard

Monmouthshire, Wales

Increasing the biodiversity of newly-planted vineyard

The Dell is a small family run vineyard. During the pandemic we decided we wanted to leave our careers as an ICU nurse and graphic designer and pursue our dream of having a vineyard.

We started by leasing a 20-year-old vineyard and last year we started planting on 5 acres of our family farm. This farm has been in our family for 5 generations now. It has been traditionally intensively farmed so we pledge to increase its biodiversity as we diversify the land.

We have sown wildflower borders and planted native daffodils and bluebells.

The Dell’s Pledge

In addition to the steps we have already taken, this year we will also introduce bees. This will allow us to increase the richness of biodiversity as well as producing honey to sell. In the future we would love to increase the productivity of the land and work towards becoming a Sustainable Wine of Great Britain.

The Dell Vineyard

Pen-y-clawdd, Near Raglan, Monmouthshire