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Sandridge Barton Estate


Home of Sharpham Wines


We have been proudly producing wines from the banks of the River Dart in Devon for over 40 years. A family run business, we have always been at the forefront of wine production in the UK, having established our first vineyard in 1981. Over this time, we have seen expansion, transition and continual improvement, whilst always upholding our tradition of producing wine made from grapes grown on the bank of the River Dart. Our recent move from Sharpham to Sandridge Barton has seen the creation of a new purpose-built winery and visitor centre, where sustainability and ecological improvement have been integral. We have installed rainwater harvesting, a water treatment plant, and solar panels with the hope of becoming a carbon neutral site.

This pledge has given us further opportunity to enhance our already habitat-rich site, where improving the environment is our key motivation. We are now able to nurture and protect this unique landscape, and without it, our industry would find it impossible to survive.

Sandridge Barton Pledge

We are pledging to turn our one-acre field into a wildflower meadow, with a row of 60 elderberry bushes, and 30 larger bushes to provide sanctuary for bees and other small critters. The meadow will be hand sown, and the trees and bushes hand-planted. Alongside this, we have created a nature trail for children, they can explore the woodland, fields and vineyards throughout the trail, brass rubbings can be used for activities, with information boards about the local fauna and flora and the regenerative practices we are implementing. This allows us to engage the next generation and highlight the importance of nature in the local ecosystem.

England was once a place full of species-rich wildflower meadows. With only 2% of the meadows that once existed in the 1930s existing today, it is time to act. This start will enable us to continue on our quest to reincorporate many more native wildflower meadows onto our Estate, ultimately creating a unique habitat for animals and native plants to thrive and live at Sandridge Barton.

Sandridge Barton Estate

Lower Well Farm, Waddeton Rd., Stoke Gabriel, Totnes TQ9 6RL