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WineGB’s Coronation Pledges

Saffron Grange Vineyard


Extensive tree planting and introducing bees to enhance the ecosystem at the vineyard local community

In 2008 Paul Edwards planted the first vines at Saffron Grange Vineyard just outside Saffron Walden, Essex.

The family run vineyard which now includes his son Nick and daughter-in-law Aimie produces premium quality sparkling wines on its chalky soil.

The vineyard has always been passionate about promoting bio diversity and allowing local wildlife to thrive.

Saffron Grange’s Pledge

This year Saffron Grange pledges to continue to work with our chosen charity Creating Natures Corridors to plant an additional minimum 500 trees.

In addition to this as part of our goal to improve the wider natural eco system we will be introducing our first beehives to the vineyard.

Saffron Grange Vineyard

Saffron Grange, Rowley Hill Farm, Little Walden CB10 1UZ