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Roebuck Estates


Native trees to be planted on the estate and engaging with the local community

Located near the historic market town of Petworth in West Sussex, Roebuck Estates was established in 2013 by two friends, Michael Smith and John Ball who shared a deep-rooted passion for great wine and had a clear vision: to craft exceptional vintage sparkling wines every single year using estate-grown fruit from their vineyard sites in England.

Roebuck are single minded in their approach, producing only traditional method vintage sparkling wines from the classic grape varieties of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. As a founding member of the Sustainable Wines of Great Britain certification scheme, building a sustainable future is incredibly important to the team at Roebuck and like the Roe Deer itself, they aim to leave the only lightest footprint on their beautiful environment.

Roebuck’s Pledge

Roebuck Estates will be transforming one of their fields at their Little Brockhurst vineyard in West Sussex into a haven for local wildlife. Starting in autumn 2023, they will be inviting the local community to participate in planting 30 native trees, including Crab Apple, Hawthorn, Wild Cherry and Bird Cherry. The trees won’t just beautify the landscape; they’ll also play a vital role in sustaining the local ecosystem by providing essential pollen and nectar and producing fruit for birds and animals.

But Roebuck Estates’ mission goes beyond planting trees. They believe that the key to a sustainable future lies in engaging and educating the community. That’s why they’re inviting local residents to join them in this tree-planting initiative, allowing them to learn all about the many benefits it offers.

Roebuck Estates

Upperton Farm, Petworth GU28 0RD