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Conserving the Kestrel population

Situated in the rural heart of the South of England, Nyetimber use only the finest estate-grown fruit to craft our award-winning world-renowned wines. Created using the traditional method of sparkling wine production, our meticulously crafted wines combine science and artistry – all in the pursuit of perfection.

We’re determined that enjoying a glass of Nyetimber should never come at the expense of the land that we cultivate, which is why we’re committed to a sustainable and holistic approach to our land, resources and the carbon footprint involved in producing our outstanding English sparkling wines.

Our vineyards in Sussex, Hampshire and Kent are surrounded by natural habitats – from native broadleaved woodlands which are managed and replanted, as well as wildflower meadows in various locations at both the Tillington and Manor vineyards that provide food and nesting places for birds and insects.

In 2021 – 2022, Nyetimber carried out bird surveys at our vineyards. The area surveyed revealed there were Kestrel populations present.

Kestrels, are an indigenous bird of prey. The bird species is on the amber list and numbers have been decreasing since the 1970s. They are therefore in need of conservation. Kestrels also feed on several vineyard pests and therefore can provide a helping hand in the vineyard too!

Kestrels do not build nests. They look to lay their eggs in natural or artificial cavities, holes in trees, old buildings and cliff faces. Kestrels have been found to use bird boxes as nest sites as well as for shelter over the winter months.

Therefore in 2023, as another of Nyetimber’s pledges, we will put up a number of Kestrel nest boxes to try and encourage the populations of this native falcon.