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Moor Hill Vineyard


A sustainable future

Located in an area of outstanding natural beauty, Moor Hill Vineyard is in the historic south Wiltshire village of Fovant. Surrounded by woodland containing many ancient oak trees. It is a small family concern on land that we have now owned for approximately 12 years.

On the land, we have a south facing vineyard at one end, producing award winning wines red, white and rose, and at the north end we have planted orchards, of apple pear and plum. The rest is a nature reserve, with many wild flowers, and attracting much wild life, butterflies, pheasants, moles, ducks and deer.

Moor Hill’s Pledge

We at Moor Hill Vineyards pledge, to the best of our ability, to reduce our carbon footprint, look after the soil and act with sustainability in mind.

In particular this year we plan to establish further wild habitat areas on the site to continue to attract the varied wildlife, and flora and fauna that are local to the area.

Moor Hill Vineyard

Fovant, Wiltshire, SP3 5LB