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Defined Wine


Sustainable improvements to winery

Defined Wine is a contract only winery – no vineyards or brands of our own. We are therefore totally focussed on supporting the people we make wine for and working with them to define their style of wine.

Our approach is to use taste, experience and modern technology to ensure that we can consistently produce the best quality wines for people. We have invested in a range of modern technology from our presses to tanks, lab to filtration and cooling systems; to the extras on our bottling and disgorging lines, giving us the ability to produce consistent quality.

We take a sustainable approach to everything we do and are one of the first wineries to be accredited to the Wine GB suitability scheme. This means that, where grapes have been sourced from accredited vineyards, clients can use the Sustainable Wine Scheme logo on their labels and marketing

We know that good wine starts in the vineyard, we also provide viticulture support for the growers we work with, helping them to improve their knowledge and the quality of their grapes.

Defined’s Pledge

We will install a rainwater harvesting system, to capture rain from the winery roof.

Defined Wine

Unit B, Coldharbour Ln, Bridge, Canterbury CT4 5HL