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WineGB’s Coronation Pledges

Coddington Vineyard


Wildflower meadow to enhance visitor experience

We are Coddinton Vineyard. Family owned, very small 2 acres of beautiful vines. We took over the vineyard 11 years ago and adore our 6 acre gardens and vines.

As an ongoing project to maximise the potential of the site, we have a planting project every year. Last year we planted 10 trees for the Queen.

Coddington’s Pledge

This year we are planting for the King and his Queen a wildflower meadow, with mown paths. Already 1000 wild daffodils are coming up.

Guests to the vineyard tours will be able to see and walk through the meadow.

Coddington Vineyard

Coddington, Ledbury HR8 1JJ