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Astley Vineyard


Carbon neutral winery

Astley is one of the oldest vineyards in the UK, planted in 1971. And, at the time of planting, was reputedly the most Northerly vineyard in the World. Times and climates have changed and we are now no longer outliers. The Haywood family who took over the vineyard in 2017 were making a complete life and career change. They comprise Tim and Bev and their son, Chris and his wife Matleena, together with new grandson, Arlo, and everyone’s favourite dog, Otso the Finnish Laphund.

Over the 6 years of their ownership, the family have moved towards more sustainable viticulture with a number of initiatives.

Astley’s Pledge

For the King’s coronation year, Tim (who was in his former corporate life Prince Charles’s Ambassador for Responsible Business), is keen to do more. So the family is pledging two big things:

1) to implement “gentle pruning” to enhance and extend the life of the vines

2) to install solar panels to make their winery carbon neutral

Astley Vineyard

Hampstall Lane, Stourport-on-Severn DY13 0RU