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Albury Vineyard


Sustainability through a glass of wine

Albury Organic is located in the beautiful Surrey Hills, in an area of outstanding natural beauty less than an hour from London. The 20-acre vineyard is a small family-run business, planted by Nick Wenman in 2009, and it’s one of the few certified organic and biodynamic vineyards in the UK.

Growing vines in harmony with nature has been our priority from the start and we minimise the use of chemicals on the land preferring the use of natural preparations and compost teas. This allows wildlife to thrive and the vineyard provides a live habitat for birds, bees, flowers and frogs.

Albury Vineyard Pledge

At Albury, we’re committed to making great wine sustainability by putting this environment first and this year, we plan to open a new ‘wildlife walk’ around the vineyard. The project is focused on conserving nature and the wildlife walk features bat and barn owl boxes, bug hotels, bee hives, butterfly scrapes, an insect highway, wildflower meadows to attract pollinators, compost pits and a pond! The information signs and benches along the route are made from trees that fell on the Albury Estate during the storm of 2022.

We pledge to create and maintain a unique habitat for nature and wildlife, but our focus is not just on the environment. Our sustainability pledge is about valuing people and contributing to society, now and in the future. We’re committed to shaping the sustainable future of the UK wine industry and pledge to make our wildlife walk accessible to charities, vulnerable groups and school children in order to educate and inspire others to strive towards greater sustainability.

Albury Organic Vineyard

Silent Pool, Shere Road, Albury GU5 9BW