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WineGB’s Coronation Pledges

Looking to our future: pledges to safeguard our environment

To celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III on 6 May 2023 and his lifelong commitment to the environment, WineGB invited producers and supporters to make a pledge for an act or campaign that they will undertake or launch in 2023 to show commitment to the environment and long-term custodianship of the places in which they are active. WineGB is creating a book of pledges which will be presented to The King later in the year. Meantime, meet our sustainability heroes and find out more about their pledges here.


Sustainability through a glass of wine

All Angels

Decreasing our environmental footprint


Putting the Nuts back into Nutbourne


Carbon neutral winery


Increasing flora and fauna


Guided by nature

Busi Jacobsohn

Working with nature to make beautiful wines

Camel Valley

Royal Warrant Holder

Carr Taylor

Custodians of the land for over 50 years

Chet Valley

Creating a pond to build a new ecosystem


Wildflower meadow to enhance visitor experience

Defined Wine

Sustainable improvements to winery


Two thousand trees


Sustainable improvements to winery

Moneys Farm

Hedgerow plantings to increase biodiversity

Moor Hill (Wilts)

A sustainable future


Conserving the Kestrel population

Roebuck Estates

Native trees to be planted on the estate and engaging with the local community

Saffron Grange

Extensive tree planting and introducing bees to enhance the ecosystem at the vineyard local community

Sandridge Barton

Home of Sharpham Wines


Repurposing used cardboard for packaging and compost


Protecting and enhancing the health of our soil

The Dell

Increasing the biodiversity of newly-planted vineyard


Avenue of trees

Trevibban Mill

New vineyard planting and reusing glass bottles

Two Beacons

Maintaining the natural environment through sustainable practices


Measures to minimise external inputs

Vetreria Etrusca

Producers and suppliers of speciality glass containers

Wine Box Company

Suppliers of packaging and display items for the food & drink industry

White Castle

Sharing the passion for Welsh wine with the world

Wine Business Advisors

Wine, Tourism, Hospitality & Retail business strategy

Wine Wealth

Wine investment advisory

Wiston Estate

Stewarded by the Goring Family since 1743

Yotes Court

Large scale wildflower planting to encourage further biodiversity